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How to become a Walk Leader


We all like being a rambler and walking with our friends. Enjoying the outdoors and all the health benefits that walking brings.


We should also appreciate the importance of the Walk Leader.


The Ramblers Association make it a requirement that all Walk Leaders are registered and so without them, we would not be able to have our group walks.


No Walk Leaders - No Walks


If you currently lead walks, or are considering leading walks in the future, you must register as a Volunteer with the Ramblers Association.


This registration process is simple.


Just email your Name and Membership Number to the link below, stating that you want to register as a Walk Leader for the Bridgend Ramblers Group. That's it!


The email link to register as a Walk Leader is:


As a registered Walk Leader you will have additional insurance cover should an accident occur whilst on a recce or when leading a walk.



Risk Assessments


Carrying out a recce of the route of a walk is strongly recommended. If you can't do a recce, you must still take time to assess the risks. 

Typical things to consider would be:


Is the distance correct?

Is this terrain easy or hard?

If the weather is bad, should the walk being postponed or cancelled?

Does the walk meet the requirements of the group?


The Ramblers Association have now requested that the answers to various questions walk leaders need to consider about keeping people safe, are documented on a Ramblers Risk Assessment Form.


Not only will this assist you when surveying a walk but it will also record that you have considered the suitability and practically of the walk.

A copy of the risk assessment form needs to be kept for three years – either as a paper copy or online.


Further information on being a Walk Leader as well as the Risk Assessment Form can be found at the Guidance for Volunteers page on the Ramblers Association website.

Once registered as a volunteer, members can then log in to "Assemble" which is the Ramblers website exclusively for volunteers. 

To do this, click on or paste the following URL into your browser's address bar:

Once signed up and logged in, volunteers can then access the Document Hub, where they can then access a wide range of information including all the latest Ramblers forms and Insurance details.



The following PDF Documents have been downloaded from The Ramblers Association Website and for reference only.

Please refer to the Ramblers Association Website for the latest versions.

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